Gua Sha is an ancient traditional Chinese technique. During Gua Sha a stone glides across the skin in a smooth motion and is used to improve circulation, remove toxins, reduce puffiness and increase skin elasticity. It can also reduce facial tension that leads to headaches and premature aging. 

Gua Sha is one of our add-on’s at Drift Spa and can be added to any facial but it is also an amazing treatment to add to your at home skin care routine. To perform this at home you will want to start with clean skin. We love to use Comfort Zone Essential Milk facial cleanser for a nice hydrating cleanse. Follow that with a hydrating spray like Circadia Blueberry and White Tea Hydrating Mist. You will then apply a layer of facial oil like our Drift Facial Oil. Using the Circadia Blue Aventurine Gua Sha stone you will glide down the neck to get your lymph flowing. You will then use outward and upward motions gliding the stone across the skin. For the forehead, start between the brows and move up in the center and out to the side. It feels especially nice to glide over the brow to release any tension you may be holding there. Finish by gliding down the side of the face and down the neck to help drain any toxins you may have moved during the massage. After Gua Sha you can use a warm towel to remove excess oil and then apply your finishing products like Aquaporin Hydrating Cream. 

Try this self care ritual today at home or book with us at Drift Spa!